1. Bone Black


Closed on Sunday (2020)

Oil on Board - (Homemade Bone Black)

           An ongoing painting series of images from chicken’s recent history. Produced using a bone black pigment made by the artist from charring discarded chicken bones then combined with a purchased white, these monochrome oil paintings look to give a material connection to the subject depicted.  The paintings represent both specific moments in history as well as key ideas and human figures that have changed the course of this iconic animal’s relationship to humanity.

The series builds on previous work by the artist, focused on creating a direct relationship between the material of an artwork and the depiction it communicates. Having a dialogue between the physical presence of the painting and the image the painting displays allows the audience to consider the material value of the subject matter. Using the subject as the material not only addresses themes of materiality but also evokes ideas of ecology, environment, chemistry and in this case mortality.

$50,000 Fire (2021)

Huddled on a Roof (2021)

Franklin D Roosevelt has his 2nd helping (2022)

Eggwina (2021)

Cobb 500 (2018)

Estes Kefauver (2021)

Nelson Rockerfeller (2021)

Wing Bowl #002 (The Locust) (2020)

Chicken of Tomorrow Queen (2019)

Colonel Sanders (2019)

920 Chickens (2019)

Moroccan Chicken Stall (2018)

Wing Bowl #001 (Molly Schuyler) (2018)

Drumstick (2017)